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  • 23 March, 2015
    In 1995, my first business trip to Singapore was an eye-opening experience. Singapore was just over an hour- flight away from Vietnam, but it was already a highly developed, economically dynamic country. In 1965, Singapore declared its independence from Malaysia. In the same year, Great Britain was in the process of withdrawing from its colonies east of the Suez Canal, and in January 1968, it announced its official withdrawal from Singapore. Singapore needed to learn to survive on its own without any British military support.
  • 04 February, 2015
    The 36 Stratagems revolve on how to navigate and conquer in ever-changing situations, how to win with limited resources, how to make the best of what you have. In today’s fast-breaking business environment, where we strive to expand market share, increase market segment and sales growth, never before have the 36 stratagems been more timely and relevant. They all boil down to 8 main principles:
  • 15 January, 2015
    This winter, I have been craving toasted garlic and butter naan bread dipped in fiery Indian chicken curry, and a steamy bowl of lentil sambar. I figured my family would enjoy a homemade Indian dinner yet the closest Indian store was a discouraging 40 minutes away. Instantaneously from my phone, I found out that I could go to Whole Foods, which is 5 minutes from my house to get the ingredients to prepare an Indian dinner.