Hot Dog Stand Uses the Honor System

Post by Lan Bercu on 22 July, 2014


Amin is a veteran who started a hot-dog business on New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Every day, his stand is packed with routine customers as well as tourists. Among the thousands of hot-dog vendors hustling on the busy streets, he is the one who makes the news.

Google "Opens the Gates" to Confuse Bill Gates

Post by Lan Bercu on 05 May, 2014

 Bill Gates was poking around on the Google Web site in December 2003 and came across a job ad with descriptions of all the job openings at Google. He was surprised to see that a search company was posting job notices for engineers trained in operating-system design, distributed-systems architecture, and other areas that were more in Microsoft’s areas of expertise than in Google’s.

You Make Your Own Luck: On Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism

Post by Lan Bercu on 01 May, 2014

I have to admit, I was born into a superstitious family and I am occasionally superstitious myself. I look to my yearly horoscope and avoid certain dates when it tells me that bad luck might come during those periods. If the forces are not favorable. I avoid making any high impact decisions and do not travel too far or get involved in high profile projects.

The Art of Creating Confusion

Post by Lan Bercu on 24 April, 2014


Muddy the Water to Catch the Fish

On a trip to Beijing China, I told a taxi driver to take me to Walmart since I wanted to shop for a few items that I could not take with me on the airplane. In twenty minutes, he dropped me off right in front of a store—Wumart.

Clamor in the East, Strike in the West

Post by Lan Bercu on 20 April, 2014


Spirit Airlines: You Fly Cheap; Your Bag Doesn’t

Keeping the kids busy for seventeen days of winter break is costly. After a couple of short trips, we decided that a cheaper way was to spend a week in Miami. Digging around, we found Spirit Airlines and bought a great package of four round-trip Atlanta-Miami tickets and five-day car rental for $1,050.