Building Quanxi- An Intergral Part of Doing Business in Asia

Post by Lan Bercu on 11 March, 2014



One of the pitfalls of Westerners desiring to do business in Asia is the applying of linear and goal-oriented thinking while failing to understand the importance of courting a personal business relationship first.



Ten Principles of Building Trust in Asia

Post by Lan Bercu on 26 September, 2013

“Thus, without waiting to be marshaled, the soldiers will be constantly on the qui vive;

Without waiting to be asked, they will do your will;

Without restrictions, they will be faithful;

Without giving orders, they can be trusted.”

-          Sun Tzu Chapter 11- The Nine Battlegrounds

China's Search Engine and Technology

Post by Lan Bercu on 12 June, 2013



Recently in April, I was in Beijing and Shanghai. Astonishingly I was unable to get access to my Youtube videos, update my friends and family of my journey in China on Facebook, and to do google search which was somehow diverted to a local Baidu search engine. Coming from America, I felt so stifled without access to those.

Do you have to make a lot of noise to make a difference?

Post by Lan Bercu on 24 May, 2013



 “Beware of nerds because you will work for them someday."- Bill Gates

 The extroverted, loud and brassy personality traits that have been perceived as successful leadership qualities are giving way to introverted characteristics, especially in the new high technology, STEM- driven era (Scientific, Technology, Engineer and Math).


Celebrating the International Women's Day and Women's History Month

Post by Lan Bercu on 06 March, 2013


Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman With Gail Evans

Tentative talking, choosing to sit next to the wall away from the center, accepting responsibilities without asking for authority. It was all about me before I read Think Like a Man, Win Like a Woman- a New York times best-seller by Gail Evans